No Job Too Big, No Pup Too Small!

Our goal at Paw Patrol of VA LLC is to help keep your dog happy, healthy and active. This means we provide a range of services to keep your pup engaged when you cannot be there.

Based in Manassas, VA, we understand that you have to be at the office or workplace every day. Although you would rather be at home with your pet, everyone has to make a living.

Dog Walking

When left alone, dogs tend to get bored easy. Untrained dogs could begin chewing, causing mayhem, or going potty in the home. We will come to your home and walk your dog during the day to provide exercise, get energy out and keep him happy.

Private Training

With a wealth of experience in training, we can turn a gregarious and hyper pup into a well-behaved member of the family. Our training services are done in your home, providing the ultimate comfort level for your pet that will yield the best results.


Many groomers and vets work the same schedule that you do. This means that when your dog has an appointment it leads to lost work time.

Allow us take your dog to and from appointments. We offer safe and reliable transportation and he will be comfortable throughout the journey.

Contact us if you have any other needs to see if we can be of service. We can accommodate custom requests.